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We can’t really believe it either, and yet here we are, Greasy Spoon number 18 is just around the corner. 18 evenings of the best chef’s in the city serving up incredible meals: diner style. 18 nights of great community having a lot of fun while doing a ton of good in this city. 18 evenings of generosity in time, word and money. We are truly grateful.

Greasy Spoon Memberships were born out of a small group of like minded people who wanted to further invest in what we were doing: get more plugged into ABLF, the community while having a great time. We’re seeing people buy them instead of Canucks tickets, giving them away to out-of-towners, employee perks and more. It makes a ton of sense in our minds (but we’re a bit biased).

We would love to talk to you about what we think is one of the funnest, most meaningful and definitely best tasting membership your company can buy. Hit us up to learn more.

“Being hungry sucks, and ABLF’s Greasy Spoon Diners aim to eliminate that. A group of cooks get together and we share our love of cooking with a community. Fueled by social good – it’s quickly become our favourite day of the month” - Chef Juno Kim