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Better Partnerships. Better Impact.

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A Better Life Foundation provides the clearest path for your money to feed the community on Vancouver’s Downtown East Side. When we say your $3.50 buys one meal to one person in need: we mean it. When we say it will go to help feed those living in this neighbourhood: we mean it. And when we say it’s the first step towards upward mobility: we mean it.

How do we do it? Two words: strategic partnerships. The problems facing this neighbourhood are too massive to go in it alone – we know this, you know this. There are so many incredible people working everyday to help others achieve their full potential that we firmly believe the best way we can add value is through partnering with them to work together in creating sustainable, healthy communities.

Partners like Save On Meats, like Atira, Vancouver Women’s Health Centre, the Megaphone and many many more.  Over the next while we’re stoked to introduce a few of our community partners, share their stories and offer a few ways you can join this movement of partnerships for a better, more collaborative Downtown East Side.