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Our Mission

Founded in 2012 by Mark Brand, ‘A Better Life Foundation’ (ABLF) strives to support people in need. The overarching goal of the Foundation is to raise critical funds towards providing food security to women, children, and those in assisted living as well as provide job training and employment opportunities for the community at large. By looking for and working towards sustainable solutions, ABLF aims to contribute towards meaningful change.

By working as a coordinated group, our strategy is to develop a community database that outlines access to affordable food and to secure donations to help stop wastage and maximize resources. Believing that creating food security is multifaceted, ABLF is committed to integrating food provision with job training and supportive employment to create sustainable communities. Our board is made up of strong community members,

from a very diverse background, approaching the problems that our neighbourhoods face from all angles.Through the creation of new blueprints and synergies between for profit, not for profit, government agencies and charitable organizations to name a few, we can uncover solutions to test locally and share globally. We’d love you to join us.

Our Values


We strive to facilitate programs that increase participation, community involvement, and mutual responsibility.

Healthy Communities

We strive to support the community we serve by being attentive of its needs and values, creating innovative food and employment programs that address these needs and respect these values.


We aim to be a part of a larger discussion around food provision and sustainability in Vancouver by partnering with a diverse group of organizations to find unconventional solutions to prevalent social issues.


We value diversity and are devoted to equal, dignified treatment of all individuals – respecting diversity through inclusion of all persons in our programs and services..


We incorporate practices in our daily actions that address the issue of equality, by recognizing the power dynamics that are negatively affecting individuals wellbeing.


We strive to facilitate sustainable change by working in collaboration with a diverse range of organizations, creating innovative self sustaining programs.


We value acceptance – promoting individual’s ability to pursue chosen goals in life by respecting diversity.


We value collaboration therefore we work collectively with community members and organizations to form long lasting supportive relationships to promote the wellbeing of the DTES.

Meet Our Board MembersVIEW ALL

Mark Brand - intro (1)-3

Mark Brand

Mark Brand is one of Canada’s most recognized social entrepreneurs. Having successfully created 11 businesses in Vancouver, he has become a prominent example of a new generation of leadership that focuses on passion and purpose.

Mark Brand

Jennifer Johnstone

Jennifer Johnstone is President & CEO of Central City Foundation, an organization that has been working to improve the lives of neighbours in need in Vancouver’s inner city since 1907.

Jennifer Johnstone
Franco Head Shot New Offical!

Franco Caligiuri

Franco is a caring and committed leader. He is the co-founding partner of Capital Core Financial, Inc., and brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise from his 13 years as senior financial advisor with the Caligiuri Financial Group.

Franco Caligiuri
Marissa Head Shot New Official

Marissa Cepelinski

Marissa is a passionate and highly driven leader with over 12 years of experience in the field of finance. As Co-Founder of Capital Core Financial, Marissa helps her clients overcome their emotional limitations.

Marissa Cepelinski

Our initiatives & goals

A Better Life’s mandate is to Feed, Train & Employ. We do this is in a variety of conventional and unconventional ways. Our current focus is on, but not exclusive to, these 4 major targets.


Plenty of Plates (POP) provides the most basic human need, food. As one of “Canada’s poorest postal codes,” Plenty of Plates was created to provide residents of select Single Residency Occupancy (SRO) houses on the Downtown East Side with one nutritious meal daily.


Breaking Down Barriers provides training and an inclusive work environment for individuals who struggle with mental, physical and societal barriers. At the Foundation, we provide a safe and hands on work placement.


Increase food security and nutritional content of the meals distributed through Plenty of Plates Program, by growing sourcing local and sustainable food. We certify all of our meals with a regulated nutritionist to ensure the highest quality possible.


Increase food security and teach cooking skills to those living in single room occupancies on the DTES and beyond.


Scroll over each community partnership to view their impact.

For more information regarding volunteer opportunities please contact: info@abetterlifefoundation.ca


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